Hero Restaurants Franchise Sales Growth

Franchise Sales / Growth

Our experience leading and helping grow franchised and private brands runs deep throughout the agency. Our team has helped develop growth and franchise sales programs for brand like Freebirds, Taco Bueno, Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, McDonald’s, Togo’s, Carl’s Jr., Round Table Pizza and more.

  • Digital and Social Content
  • POP
  • Training / Onboarding
  • Menu Boards
  • Guest Journey / Wayfinding
  • Recruiting

Case Study

When Freebirds decided to expand through Franchising, they had a very defined franchisee target: established operators of a certain size and sophistication, who were looking to expand their portfolio with the hot Texas burrito brand. With this clearly defined target audience, we decided to make a big impact. As the brand was all about music, we created a Franchisee introduction kit which resembled a “road case” that bands take on the road. It had a vinyl record sleeve, complete with glossy slicks that contained all the brand’s ethos, key performance details and geographic opportunities. It also had fun items, like headphones, and coasters that resembled 45s that grew into trees when planted.

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