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Driving incremental sales with existing guests is foundational to any sound marketing strategy. Nice + Company have deep expertise in relationship marketing, understanding your guests, and helping maximize their lifetime value. Whether you need to find the right Loyalty/CRM platform for your brand, or to optimize the results you’re currently getting, we’re ready to bring our experience to you.

  • Loyalty Programs & Strategies
  • App Development
  • Guest Journey Strategies
  • Integrations to POS
  • Lapsed Guest Recovery
  • Guest Segmentation
  • Frequency Driving Campaigns
  • Personalized Messaging
  • Data Insights & Reporting
  • Evergreen campaigns

Case Study

Getting a new guest to visit your restaurant is hard. Getting them to come back again and again is where the new guest acquisition costs prove their worth. At Freebirds World Burrito, we drove loyalty attachment from 9% to 33%, and tripled App use, in 6 short months.

Loyalty / Loyalty Page Freebirds

By making this a holistic focus for the company and integrating the loyalty program into the website/app, we helped them grow their most loyal and reachable audience. We segmented the audiences, and were able to target their guests more intelligently, resulting in more meaningful and economical conversations. The results, a measurable lift in loyalty guest frequency, and reduction in the discount line.

Restaurants Loyalty Case Study 2

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