We partner with Initiative Media and its $40 billion dollars in buying clout to deliver our clients unparalleled access to unbeatable rates, resources and new/emerging media opportunities. By connecting new media approaches to the cannon of the rest of the marketing, our team and its advanced analytics and optimization resources are able to make every dollar and message work harder, delivering your communications to the right guest in the right place at the right time.

  • Media Planning & Buying

Case Study

Introducing chiropractic care to millions of grateful back and neck pain sufferers.

Nice + Co helps The Joint Chiropractic’s corporate and franchise network with new patient acquisition through innovative CTV/OTT media buying that efficiently reaches Upper Funnel prospects in hyper-targeted, geo-targeted areas surrounding their clinics. Many franchisee groups find DMA-wide co-op/ad fund media buys to be cost-prohibitive. Our CTV/OTT approach micro-targets audiences in the top-ranked trade areas for each clinic — the immediate radius or ZIP code around each location. We pioneered a best-in-class media plan with one of the largest CTV/OTT platforms to offer unprecedented audience targeting & retargeting, reach, and frequency at an affordable entry cost, accessible to individual franchisee participants. We are also able to prove attribution at the location level to measure clinic visits by those who are served our ads.

This approach solves the age-old problem of fair share among franchisees by delivering the exact same scale for each participant where each gets to test the impact of hitting effective weekly ad frequency around their clinics, regardless of their market size. Our analytics data continually feeds our optimization loop to refine effectiveness, improving conversion in some cases by 20%+ year-over-year based on Click Through Rate and customer journey data. In addition to Upper Funnel support, we also provide sponsorship package evaluations and negotiation guidance, linear broadcast buying, Grand Opening programs, and seasonal promotion campaigns.

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