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New Restaurant Openings

We’ve helped open hundreds of restaurants. We know the drill. Recruiting. Training. Media. Local marketing. POP and Menus. Making the most of your opening is critical to help create meaningful relationships and awareness in your trade area. Embrace the community. Support them. Welcome them in, and then welcome them back. We’ve been there, and we’ll ride with you.

  • New Restaurant Support
  • Pre-Opening Messaging
  • Grass Roots Advertising
  • Community Outreach / Support
  • Menus
  • Recruitment
  • Media Outreach
  • Promotional Activation
  • Digital
  • POP Kits
  • Local Marketing
  • Training & Onboarding

Case Study

New restaurants open all the time, so how do you stand out and get noticed? Throw a big party, and invite the whole village. Give back. Make a difference. We’re big believers that opening with a bang – and a cause – is one of the best ways to drive broad awareness within a trade area. By creating an event that is bigger than “another new restaurant”, we can jump start the awareness game, and enter new trade areas with a compelling olive branch.

Restaurants New Restaurant Opening Case Study 1

At Freebirds, we gave away free burritos for a year to the first 25 people in line. People would line up for days in advance. When that happens, the community notices. The news media notices. Journalists notice. They report on what’s happening.

We also prepped and trained the crew with “mock service” runs in the two days leading up to the opening, each one benefitting a different charity that’s local to the community.

Restaurants New Restaurant Opening Case Study 2

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