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Training / Onboarding

Nothing markets a restaurant better than a memorable, best-in-class experience, which can only be delivered by crew members who are properly trained an inculcated. As you grow, keeping your brand’s DNA and culture alive and healthy is pivotal to keeping the price-value equation in check.

  • Employee Welcome Materials
  • Training Manuals and Module
  • Brand Videos
  • Uniform Designs & Fulfillment
  • Employee Communication Channels & Newsletters
  • Employee Newsletters

Case Study

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches was growing fast and furious. They were opening new restaurants every two weeks. As the luster of a new restaurant starts to fade, and the staff starts to turn over, the original opening momentum and training can evaporate. Making sure that ALL new employees get the proper introduction, welcome and training helps them provide a truly memorable experience to the guests (and have some fun along the way).

Restaurants Training Onboarding Case Study

We created a new training manual that not only helped them learn the ins and outs of making the best sandwiches in the world, but also helped them understand who Ike’s Love & Sandwiches is, why they’re unique, and what their role in the process is. We also produced a welcome video from Ike himself, helping them connect the dots in their training.

Restaurants Training Onboarding Case Study 2

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